Our Fees

Your Investment

One of the many benefits of seeing a professional counsellor/psychotherapist in Australia is complete privacy.

While at this time you are not able to receive any Medicare rebates for seeing counsellors or psychotherapists in Australia, this also means that you are not registered on any systems in terms of why you are accessing counselling.

Family or relationship counselling may be negotiated if it is relevant and important for the individual being counselled. Fees are discussed before family or relationship counselling sessions are booked.

Seeds of Life Counselling Pricing

  • Individual Sessions: $100

  • Concession: $60 *

  • Couple Sessions: $140

  • Family (3 or more) Sessions: $160

Sessions are usually one hour in length.

Cancellation fees may apply for sessions cancelled within 24 hours.

Rebates – Some private health plans cover counselling and psychotherapy. Check with your provider as you may be eligible for rebates.

* Please note that you must be a student or receiving a Centrelink income to qualify for the reduced fee. If you are experiencing extreme financial hardship please contact Bec to discuss options.

Counselling For Those Affected By Covid-19.

It is hard not to be impacted by the collective grief that we are feeling right now. We only need to look around us to see that many are still in the first stages of disbelief, shock and denial about what is happening.

There is much loss for many including connection, socialising, income and business and this can mean a loss of security and sense of safety. Now more than ever is a time where stress can make you vulnerable to experiencing high levels of anxiety, deepening depression and unwanted stressors such as relationship conflict, difficult feelings and increased alcohol or substance use.

It really is ok to not be ok.

I must admit, that this week, I too have had moments of feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of what is happening and feeling at a loss as to how to help so many affected.

It led me to the following decision….

For April, with the view to extend if able to do so, I would like to offer $60 (AUS) Skype counselling sessions for those directly affected by COVID-19 to offer therapeutic support. As this is Skype it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

While I would dearly love to be able to offer free sessions and to be honest it is something that I have seriously considered, I am also a business that needs to remain viable. In this way, by offering counselling at a reduced price and via Skype which assists in maintaining distancing, I hope to make it more accessible for those who might need it most.

I am a Masters qualified registered psychotherapist with years of training and experience as well as holding a range of other qualifications. See the website below for more details. Please check with your private health provider to see if you are covered for counselling/psychotherapy as Medicare (AUS) does not currently cover counselling/psychotherapy.

Contact can be made via messenger, if you are in Australia via mobile – 0400 012 287, or via the contact form on the Contact Us page

If you are someone who would like to pay it forward ie pay for a specific amount of sessions so that someone is then able to access therapy for free, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Above all remember that you are worth taking care of.

Please reach out