Counselling Services

How We Make A Difference

Seeds of Life is experienced to work with a broad range of concerns, including trauma, self-harming, grief & loss, depression, anxiety, particularly alcohol and other drug concerns.

Counsellor Bec Johnson has genuine empathy and compassion for these struggles with experience ranging from working therapeutically with infants and new mothers around attachment, children, young people, adults and diverse families all experiencing a range of challenges and tough times.

She has trained many people working in an employed and volunteer capacity in the alcohol and other drug sector and is highly skilled in harm minimisation and relapse prevention practices.

Counselling Services Options

Counselling services can be delivered through a variety of methods from individual sessions through to couples and families. We can also help remotely via Skype sessions.


The purpose of individual therapy can be for many different reasons and is a highly unique process for each person. Your counsellor will skilfully guide you to realisations and support you in the ways that you need. It is confidential which means you can talk about anything with safety and without judgement.


Seeds of Counselling is a safe space for children to learn different ways of expressing their feelings so that they can take those new skills back into their home or learning environment. Using an integration of play-based, art and talk therapies we work with you and your child to bring about new ways of communicating.


Seeds of Life provides couple and relationship counselling. Particularly when it is supportive of individual therapy. For example, if a person is struggling with alcohol dependence then couple sessions might be supportive of that person moving forward. Please contact us to discuss whether this option might be appropriate for your needs.


Seeds of Life Counselling provides a safe space for issues and conflict to be explored. Your counsellor is experienced in family counselling particularly where it is supportive of the needs of the individual and to the system in which they operate.

An example may be when working with a young person or child, it may be vital to work with the family unit in order to strengthen relationships so that the best possible outcome can be achieved.


We live in a world where thankfully we have the opportunity to connect with the right therapist no matter where we live. Skype sessions offer the convenience of supporting you from your own home.

Please contact us to discuss this option if it might be useful for you as there are some special considerations to talk through.


Seeds of Life Counselling provides non-accredited training and workshops for groups. These can be tailored to meet the needs of your particular group, business or NGO.

We have a facilitator with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Please contact us to discuss what you require so that a program can be created to increase your knowledge in your desired areas.

Counselling Services Details

The following is a guide to some of the areas we provide counselling for. Please contact us should have you have a requirement that is not mentioned below.


You can remember when it used to be fun. Maybe it sometimes still is. It used to help numb the pain but now it only seems to make things worse….


At Seeds of Life Counselling, you can explore whether the amount you are drinking is affecting the quality of your life and discover if there are…


Anxiety can show up for people in all sorts of ways. Maybe it shows up for you as overwhelming fear or panic attacks. Maybe it is present in a…


Everything just seems so hard. Sometimes even getting out of bed or leaving the house seems impossible. It feels like no-one could possibly understand…

Existential Crisis

The role we have for meaning or how our lives are constructed around meaning is central and unfolds in our lives in many ways. It can be the lens…

Expressing Anger

Anger can be a misunderstood emotion that can lead people to behave in ways that bring harm to others and ultimately to themselves. It is a…

Grief and Loss

Grief and the feelings associated with loss can be overwhelming. It can leave you wondering if you are ever going to feel anything but the pain…

Managing Big Emotions

Watching a child not be able to manage how they are feeling and becoming completely lost in that feeling can be a really scary experience for you…

Personal Development

People often think of counselling or psychotherapy as being a process you engage in only if there is something wrong or unwanted in your life…

Relationship and Family Issues

The relationships we have in our lives can be a source of ultimate safety, comfort, protection, validation and support. They can also be the source…

Self-Doubt and Self-Worth

Do you find that you are consistently surprised when people like you? Or maybe you believe that no-one does. How could they? Maybe you constantly…


People self-harm for many reasons. Like all choices we make, it is important to work out why we might choose to do so and part of that…


People feel and respond to stress in a number of different ways. Some ways work better in the world and some don’t. Some ways cause further…

Substance Abuse

You can remember when it used to be fun. Maybe it sometimes still is. It used to help numb the pain but now it only seems to make things worse…


Trauma can result from a single event, or from a series of ongoing events. Evidence has concluded that there can be a significant impact whether…