Alcohol Counselling

Some of the content written here about alcohol may trigger thoughts or feelings that you need to talk through with someone. Make sure you have a support person available. Above all, look after yourself.

Alcohol Counselling Services

You think you can stop whenever you want to. But Monday mornings are getting harder and harder. Perhaps you have had to call in sick a few times due to being hungover. Sometimes you promise yourself an AFD (alcohol-free day) but then someone suggests a drink and you have a drink in your hand before you even realise it.

Those nights when you tell yourself you will only have a couple turn in to benders and maybe you have really noticed that you are not pulling up as well as you used to – in fact it takes days to recover.

Maybe you are spending more than you wish you were. Maybe you can’t remember what happened last night or are making decisions that you deeply regret. You tell yourself that because you had a lot of fun or if it’s good quality wine/beer/gin and tonic that it doesn’t matter quite as much. Even if it is every day. Even if you repeatedly drink more than you meant to.

So how much is too much?

Our Approach

At Seeds of Life Counselling, you can explore whether the amount you are drinking is affecting the quality of your life and discover if there are ways to reduce the harms that are associated with the amount you are consuming.

Via a process of psychoeducation and evidence-based interventions you can 1) increase your capacity to use alcohol in a way that minimises harm and 2) increase your capacity to recognise why you might be making the choices you are and have alternate ways of handling those feelings or situations available to you.

Next Steps

If you are reading this and deep down already know that it might be a problem, why not address the issue now before it becomes harder to change?

Now might be the right time to talk to Bec from Seeds of Life about taking the next step.

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