Depression Counselling

Some of the content written here about depression may trigger thoughts or feelings that you need to talk through with someone. Make sure you have a support person available. Above all, look after yourself.

Depression Counselling Services

Everything just seems so hard. Sometimes even getting out of bed or leaving the house seems impossible. You have cried and cried and maybe even found a stage where tears don’t even come – it is just numbness.

Everything feels so heavy and dark. Sometimes you have thoughts that you know you shouldn’t and they even scare you. It feels like no-one could possibly understand why it is so hard for you.

Why does everyone else seem to just be able to get up and leave the house? Even if you make it out of the house, it feels like it is always there just waiting to pull you back down. Any patches you have of feeling better, disappear quickly to be eaten up by the darkness.

You are really not sure you can keep feeling like this. It feels like there is no hope left.

Our Approach

At Seeds of Life Counselling, there is no judgement and it is really is ok to not be ok. In fact, utmost importance is placed on that it is safe enough for you to feel exactly how you feel.

You may have lost hope but your counsellor has not and they will hold that hope for you until you are ready.

If you having any thoughts of harming yourself please call Lifeline 13 11 14 or speak with your GP for immediate support.

Next Steps

At Seeds of Life Counselling, we understand that depression can affect even being able to contact people for help. Send a text or use the contact form and we can call you. Get support to call.

Whatever you do, please reach out. You don’t have to be alone in this.

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