Stress Counselling

Some of the content written here about stress may trigger thoughts or feelings that you need to talk through with someone. Make sure you have a support person available. Above all, look after yourself.

Stress Related Counselling Services

People feel and respond to stress in a number of different ways. Some ways work better in the world and some don’t. Some ways cause further stress or harm. We often do what we know or what we have learned. If it is not working to support us to be how we want to be then we need to learn new ways of experiencing and coping with the stress.

Some people find that they experience really high levels of agitation. They feel constantly irritable, snapping at loved ones or co-workers which only adds to a feeling of shame resulting in further stress. This might include not being able to focus, sit for any length of time or complete tasks, moving constantly from one to another. It might mean experiencing higher sensitivities to sound or light.

Some people find that stress causes them to almost shut down. They feel like they are underwater or moving through treacle. Each day seems almost insurmountable or too hard. Talking to others becomes difficult and may become something that is avoided. If tasks seem too overwhelming then they may be avoided too.

When feeling stressed, it can seem like no one will understand or you might feel like there is something terribly wrong with you.

Our Approach

At Seeds of Life Counselling, we will look at what is causing the stress as there may be a combination of external and internal factors. What is really important is that your well-being matters.

You and your counsellor will identify what your individual strengths and limitations are and learn new coping skills. You may discover that you can cope with more than you had thought.

Next Steps

Talking to an objective and compassionate professional can really help you find a way through.

If you are reading this and know that stress is affecting your life then maybe now it is time to contact Bec from Seeds of Life to discuss the next step.

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