Existential Crisis

Some of the content written here about existential crisis may trigger thoughts or feelings that you need to talk through with someone. Make sure you have a support person available. Above all, look after yourself.

Existential Crisis Counselling Services

What is life all about and why are you here? If you are someone who thinks deeply about life and are not finding answers, it can leave you feeling lost and even lead to despair. How we make sense of the world and our place in it matters.

When our sense of meaning is not resolved and we feel confused about our values, our purpose and our reasons for being, chaos and a lack of stability can result in our everyday lives.

Meaning is central to our existence and impacts on our lives in many ways. It is the lens through which we filter all information and the platform from which we make all of our decisions, even when we are not aware of it. Asking the bigger questions in life can be an incredible strength.

Our Approach

At Seeds of Life Counselling, you will not be provided with a template of what you should believe to be true. You will, however, find an inclusive, informed space where all discussions are welcome.

Here you can safely explore what is meaningful to you so that you can find resolution. Your counsellor works from an integrated framework of philosophy and psychotherapies and so is well placed in order to be a guide in this process.

Next Steps

If you are reading this and are curious as to how you could benefit then the best step to take is to make an enquiry.

Now might be the right time to talk to Bec from Seeds of Life about taking the next step.

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