Some of the content written here about addictions may trigger thoughts or feelings that you need to talk through with someone. Make sure you have a support person available. Above all, look after yourself.

Addictions Counselling Services

No-one starts out thinking that they will end up not being able to stop or slow down. Even though they know they should. Even though there are many negative consequences to continuing.

You might have tried to stop but you don’t know if you can. It feels like no-one understands how hard it is for you. All you know is that there is an overwhelming urge in you to keep going and this is the only thing that seems to make everything else make sense.

Feeling like something is controlling your life, whether it be alcohol, substances, sex, porn social media or gambling can make you feel incredibly alone and like there is no hope. But there is.

Our Approach

At Seeds of Life Counselling, your counsellor has specialised knowledge in working with addictions.

Via a process of psychoeducation and evidence-based interventions, you will work together to make changes to begin to address the impact it has had on your life and to discover that you have choices.

Next Steps

Let Seeds of Life work with you to understand what led you there, what keeps you there and therefore what can lead you out. It really is possible.

Now might be the right time to talk to Bec from Seeds of Life about taking the next step.

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