Anxiety Counselling

Some of the content written here about anxiety may trigger thoughts or feelings that you need to talk through with someone. Make sure you have a support person available. Above all, look after yourself.

Anxiety Counselling Services

Anxiety can show up for people in all sorts of ways. Maybe it shows up for you as overwhelming fear or panic attacks. They seem to appear out of nowhere. Maybe it is present in a feeling of tightness in your chest or your thoughts racing.

Sometimes you feel like you can’t make a decision or feel frozen. Sometimes you feel like your whole body shuts down and you cannot even think. Maybe you are really snappy with people you care about or find yourself bursting into tears about things that you think other people wouldn’t get upset about.

The worry never seems to go away. It might be affecting your sleep or eating patterns.

It feels like people really wouldn’t understand how much is going on inside your head. You have not been able to attend events that you thought you wanted to and have cancelled on friends at the last minute. Maybe these feelings stop you from going to work or even leaving the house. You may have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Our Approach

Experiencing overwhelming feelings of anxiety can feel very isolating but it can be different.

At Seeds of Life Counselling, you talk about what is happening to you in a safe and soothing space.

You can learn new ways to work with the anxious feelings so that they can have less of an overwhelming place in your life.

Next Steps

At Seeds of Life Counselling, we understand that anxiety can affect even being able to contact people for help. Send a text or use the contact form and we can call you. Get support and call.

Whatever you do, please reach out. You don’t have to be alone in this.

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